Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ginny Trail @ Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

Alright, I think it's time for a quick break down of what is undeniably the best mountain bike trail in the FC.  I know the word "best" is subjective, but let's just look at the facts.
  • Very long technical single-shot downhill run
  • Very long technical single-shot uphill
  • Countless drops, skinnys, features and more popping up all the time. (I haven't found them all after years of riding it)
  • One of the first upper elevation trails to dry off after rain/snow 
  • Great on cool days or cold mornings
  • It's a dick-in-the-dirt climb/descent.
  • Advanced skill required (in my opinon)
  • Exposed.  So hot.  Unbearably hot in the summer.  I once did this at 8am in June and almost passed out from the heat.  Ugh.
  • It's a dick-in-the-dirt climb/descent.
Ok now that's outta the way.  Which way to ride it?  In my opinion there are 2 ways to ride this and one stands out as the best.  I'll eventually map both of them, but for now I'll start with what I consider the best way that is the most fun and bang for your buck.  That way is by doing it as an out and back starting from the Bobcat Ridge Natural area then climbing Ginny Trail (5.5miles, 1500ft vertical) to the top, shotgunning a beer, and turning around and shredding back down the way you came.

The second way is to climb Powerline Road (good luck!) and cruise the traverse through Mahoney Park which, by the way, is beautiful and worth it if you've done this one as an out and back already and have extra free time.

Here's some Bobcat photos I have...

... of the gang:

Jimmy Jamz, Matt 6 million, and 970Andy

Marki$$$ killin the skinnys

Enjoy the views and drink a booze

MarkiXXX changing his flat high above Masonville
Making up new lines off some very old rocks

Scouting new lines
.... and features:

Wide bridge

....Maps n stuff:  (also check the website here)

From Outer Space

Ginny Trail Elevation Profile

Here is some dude's video on the Ginny descent.  It will give you a good idea of the features of the trail and how rocky it really is. In order to save you the AGONY of having to sit through the whole goddam thing like I had to, I suggest just watching from 4min 30sec to the 6min 40sec.  It's enough to give you the gist of what you're getting into.

Another thing I want to say about this trail is that  I would classify it as advanced.  That doesn't mean beginners shouldn't ride it.  In fact if you're a beginner and you get it into your head to master this trail, you are guaranteed to get really good at mountain biking really fast.  I think you should go do it.  Finally 2 type of people wreck on this trail: 1) Really bad mountain bikers (because it's so rocky) and 2) Really good mountain bikers (because this trail has the ability to push riders to their limit).  So if you find yourself regaining consciousness on the side of the trail bleeding checking your body for broken bones, don't feel bad, that's the way the trail is supposed to be ridden!

In closing, this post-ride photo shows us 3 things.
1)  This trail can cause bodily damage to the gnarliest of shredsters (MarkiXXX).
2)  Healthcare is an important issue for all Americans.
3)  When you scoop yourself up off the ground, pull the aggregate out from underneath your stinging skin, drive all the way to Urgent Care, and wait for a painful injection from a shockingly long needle, this trail is so much damn fun you'll STILL be smiling!  Proof's right there folks.
MarKISSSS reflecting on an amazing day on Ginny Trail

See you up there!

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