Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Bike Day! (Yeti Big Top 29)

Today I took my first ride on my new rig.  The last bike I bought was in 2007, so it's been awhile.  All those years of riding, and I've come full circle back to the hardtail.  I took it for a ride today and it destroyed.  I found out that I picked up a few bad riding habits having all that rear suspension for so long.   Now that I'm back to hardtail, I gotta start picking good lines again and not just rearing back and railing through rock gardens like I do on the 575.  Boy, that Big Top is fast as shit though.
Pre Ride Hotness

Seat up fer crankin... down fer stankin!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Mom & Dad got me this sweet new biking button-up jersey.  Its pretty much awesome.
Complete with sweat stain

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Game 2012 Ride

Each year I do a ride during the NU Spring game (practice) to get pumped up for the upcoming football season.  This year Asher and I hit up some trails and had an epic time.  Asher's a masher with his new singlespeed and destroyed both the Horsetooth climb and the Towers Climb.  Good luck on your upcoming Enduro!

The years of parks passes are the only thing holding my windshield together

Riding with Asher does have its benefits

This years Spring Game (practice) is obviously a little bit different than the previous years.  There's a Zee on that roster!
"Day by day....
...Can't be beat!  WON'T BE BEAT!"  Sick.