Friday, February 18, 2011

Roger Cline and the Three Amigos this weekend

Here is the only non-bike related post I've ever put up, but it was too long of a message for the fuck-wads over at facebook:

Here we go you Fucking Dirty Banditos. I'm about as ready for this weekend as you are. It's going to be a tiny nano-second whirlwind of bikes, friends, alcohol, heros, laughing, fighting, memories, amateur wrestling, music, cooperation and companionship. Take care of each other for fuck's sake. Give your patience and love to everyone you see, and for shit's sake leave your bike at the bar and take a cab home, we'll watch it for you while your sleeping, plus your front teeth are too pretty to lose (especially Sickles'). Also, check out this video from about the 5 minute mark on if you have a couple free minutes.

Mexi Talent Show Part 5 of 5

Peace, Love, Bikes, and Warm Beer,
Zness da Pness