Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Game/Dos Montañas

Marcus and I celebrated the Husker Red/White spring game by heading out and looping 2/3 of the Tres Montañas bounty. We ripped from Soderburg lot up the to the park, wathan, up spring creek to mill creek then down sawmill. I highlighted the sawmill portion of the loop in the elevation profile.

marcus at the top of mill creek

Dos Montañas (sawmill highlighted)

Timber Trail

A couple of days ago I went out and rode Timber as an out and back. Eddie and I blasted up there only to find out he forgot his clipless shoes. So I shredded and he ended up at the jump park. Here's some stats from the ride. I think next time I'll probably rip the Howard trail loop.

Out and Back Map

Elevation Profile

View at the Top

Eddie Herbs says "Don't be an Eddie Herbs, Remember your shoes..."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Michaud Bounty

I went out on arguably the nicest day this year to shred the Michaud Bounty but couldn't get a time down due to trail use (cool with me. still a really nice ride). Maybe I'll ride before noon one of these days when it ain't so busy and lay down a time. I still managed to snap a few pics from the lookout where it starts. I really love those ultra clear days with them baby blue skies.

Anyways, here's all the stats I said I'd keep for the bounties. They're really just something for you to do when you taking a break between your sessions on

(click to enlarge)

Zness Da Pness

Horsetooth Overrun

No wonder we were voted the skinniest city in the country.

It seems that every sunny day the ENTIRE TOWN of FC climbs Horsetooth Rock. This is just one photo from one instance, but believe me there were even more people on that rock than are in this photo.

(click to enlarge... it looks like a traffic jam up there)

Anyways, just another nice day of ridin Wathan. It was so clear I popped a pic of Longs Peak from the fire road. Always a great view from the south rim.

I'll pop an elevation profile of this ride for those who have any interest after I ride it again.

Oh, and here's a quick analogy if you've ever taken the SATs. (although the SATs got rid of analogies this year...)

ChatRoulette : Overrun by Dudes Jacking Off
MTBR Forums : Overrun by Jackoffs.

For reals yo.
Zness Da Pness

Friday, April 9, 2010

Old Skool 2

Don't think that I've forgot about "old skooL" photos either. Here's another oldie but goodie...

Old skool trials comp behind 34. This guy has the right idea.

(click to enlarge)

Aunt Bettie Drop.

Foothills Descent

Wow. I really just couldn't get around to updating this thing for the longest time. I didn't have internet at the house and it was a pain in the ass. Anyways, we just got internet at the house and I will try to take a few minutes after each ride to put up some photos or profiles. Hopefully it'll be worth a look all season long.

For all you fools who did the bounty, I went out and mapped the elevation profile for it. If anyone has the helmet cam footage from the bounty, let me know. I really want to see it.

Keep shreddin, y'alls.

Zness Da Pness

(click to enlarge)