Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Horsetooth Overrun

No wonder we were voted the skinniest city in the country.

It seems that every sunny day the ENTIRE TOWN of FC climbs Horsetooth Rock. This is just one photo from one instance, but believe me there were even more people on that rock than are in this photo.

(click to enlarge... it looks like a traffic jam up there)

Anyways, just another nice day of ridin Wathan. It was so clear I popped a pic of Longs Peak from the fire road. Always a great view from the south rim.

I'll pop an elevation profile of this ride for those who have any interest after I ride it again.

Oh, and here's a quick analogy if you've ever taken the SATs. (although the SATs got rid of analogies this year...)

ChatRoulette : Overrun by Dudes Jacking Off
MTBR Forums : Overrun by Jackoffs.

For reals yo.
Zness Da Pness

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