Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rist to Buckhorn 2013: "R̶o̶a̶d̶ ̶C̶l̶o̶s̶e̶d̶ " rather "Road Gone"

Today's loop goes in the books as the gnarliest road ride I've ever done. Not necessarily due to difficulty, but the fact that there was NO ROAD. Honestly, if the county would've put "Road Gone" signs up instead of "Road Closed", I wouldn't have climbed over all of them and kept plugging along. I didn't realize how extensive the damage to Buckhorn Rd (NoCo Rd 27) was. Well... *Newsflash*, that shit ain't there. Once I found myself way back there I decided to finish the loop no matter what, I had to tote my bike up and down rocky embankments and ford white-water snow melt 3 times to get through this ride. And due to the cold temps and time of year and all that it was:

  1. Socks off
  2. Shoes off
  3. Roll up Long Johns
  4. Carry bike barefoot through the river
  5. Get Dressed on the other side
  6. Repeat

Also, when the road was there, the asphalt was all bubbled up and laying all over the place and in some places hollow underneath and barely hanging over the edge of the sinkholes. Also, there was asphalt, rebar, roadsigns, and guardrails all laying about. It was pretty gnarly. I'm super stoked I coincidentally remembered a camera. (Here's what it used to look like!)


Adiós, camino.

That is the road way up there...

...and there

Get set to get wet

 And... To top it all off....


Rist-Buckhorn Elevation

Rist-Buckhorn Trax
Well, it was a crazy-ass ride and a crazy-ass week for the BCS (Auburn, Vandy, Minnesota, etc). Next Saturday is Big Red time again.

Til next time!