Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bobcat Ridge

Nothin much to this post. Just the stats. Next time I cruise up to Bobcat Ridge, I'll snap some photos of the countless rock gardens, the 3 skinny bridges, the rock drops, and the log bridge that make this rip a Front Range required ride. Killer techy ups and so much DH I am physically sore by the end (which is pretty hard to do.) Just keep in mind that due to wildfires, this trail is TOTALLY EXPOSED. So sack up if you're in the sun (lots of water), or you can have a great time if you ride this sucker in the spring and fall. If you can go top to bottom in under 15 you are officially pretty darn fast. Of course there are tons of ballers around here that can shred it waaaaaaaay faster than that. And if you can clean the climb then holy shit... you could definitely outpedal Lance Armstrong's sandbagging ass.

This ride was with Schuyler, Mitch Dood, Marki$$$, and Matt II. 8AM and still hot as PISS.

Nobody enjoys a mid shred wrench like ol MarkiXXX. That is why instead of a "quick release" rear tire he has a "opposite-of-quick release". Luckily he flatted right away and we still got a great top to bottom run!

Bobcat Ridge Elevation Profile

Bobcat Ridge Trax as seen from the lord's perspective.

Keep droppin them hot beats til the bitches come a runnin!
Zness da Pness

Teton Shred

Once again, it's been awhile since my last post. Lets just say there have been lots of bike rides and TONS of late nights. It's hard to get on the computer at all, but I still have been bringing my camera with me and can catch up whenever I feel like taking it easy in front of the computer.

A few weeks back a crew from Road34 headed up to Teton pass in Wyoming near the Idaho border to shred DH. The Stagecoach Saloon was nice enough to let us keep the trailer in their parking lot for a couple day while we ripped. The trails up there are all shuttleable, all on public lands (that means free), and all unbelievably well built. So well built that a shitty DH rider (such as myself) was able to absolutely kill it. Tons of "point and shoot" drops and jumps that if simply hit at speed take care of themselves. I didn't even need a practice run to settle in even though I was hungover as fuck and ready to shit myself when we dropped in for our first run. Goddamn I was hurtin. Too many nights in a Roadhouse, I guess.

Our first trail we hit was Lithium. It's about a 20 minute hike-a-bike from the shuttle drop point and completely worth it. With all of our sessioning and screwing around we spent over an HOUR on this one trail. It is without a doubt the longest DH trail I've ever been on and has one kick-ass feature after another. Other completely rippin notable trails were Parallel, Fuzzy Bunny, and another one we were just calling "Jump Trail". Every feature no matter how small has beautifully built "go arounds" and even when I was in over my head I just went for it and everything was fine. No one really wrecked at all, except for Mitch who hucked his flesh pod multiple times off of the biggest shit these trails had to offer sight unseen. Hell, Mitch just bounces anyways.

Thanks again to the fellas who showed us around. We can't wait to pedal with you here in the Fort. Shots are on me of course.

Sorry I didn't get many photos y'all, but the lack of photos should speak to how awesome these trails were. Nobody wanted to stop to take or be in photos. No GPS either (although it woulda been interesting). Everyone just kept rippin. And drinkin their balls off.

Hard Pipin Crew

The only photo of me from the whole trip. First run down Lithium.

Juice on the Step-Up to Step-Down feature. I believe he was the only one to hit this beast.

Juice on the Fuzzy Bunny gap. From this angle it looks pretty straight-forward.

Juice on the Fuzzy Bunny gap. From this angle it looks a wee bit LARGER. BTW: Sick riding Juice. Some of the best shit I've ever seen. (Just so ya know, he went so far that he barely landed in the frame of this shot... damn.)

Summer is still in full effect. Try to still get out there for Tres MontaƱas (profile below). It's the ride of the summer!

Rip on bros and hos.
Zness da Pness

Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Skool 3

Alright. Dammit. The nostalgia feelings on this one run real real deep. But what the fuck do you care? You weren't there! These kind of photos are boring to most people, but they bring me the most joy. I guess if you're interested, check out... 1) the Chinese version of a bike shop. 2)my sweet-ass-not-bald-yet hair 3) my FIRST bike that I bought overseas (it's fuckin SICK) 4) how stoked that dude is to pump up my tire and finally; 5) whoever can guess what I'm holding in my left hand wins a sick-ass prize!

Goddamn I love Old Skool.

PS: Stay safe when biking in China. Your life is not worth as much there as it is here. Do the math.

Also! The 2nd Annual Herbstox Invitational is coming up. Start peaking bitches. Prizes for podium range from cigarettes all the way to getting shot with a BB gun (or possibly a ceramic giraffe....)
It's the race of the year! Rev them Hemi's y'all!

Zia Jian,