Friday, July 9, 2010

Old Skool 3

Alright. Dammit. The nostalgia feelings on this one run real real deep. But what the fuck do you care? You weren't there! These kind of photos are boring to most people, but they bring me the most joy. I guess if you're interested, check out... 1) the Chinese version of a bike shop. 2)my sweet-ass-not-bald-yet hair 3) my FIRST bike that I bought overseas (it's fuckin SICK) 4) how stoked that dude is to pump up my tire and finally; 5) whoever can guess what I'm holding in my left hand wins a sick-ass prize!

Goddamn I love Old Skool.

PS: Stay safe when biking in China. Your life is not worth as much there as it is here. Do the math.

Also! The 2nd Annual Herbstox Invitational is coming up. Start peaking bitches. Prizes for podium range from cigarettes all the way to getting shot with a BB gun (or possibly a ceramic giraffe....)
It's the race of the year! Rev them Hemi's y'all!

Zia Jian,

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