Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bobcat Ridge

Nothin much to this post. Just the stats. Next time I cruise up to Bobcat Ridge, I'll snap some photos of the countless rock gardens, the 3 skinny bridges, the rock drops, and the log bridge that make this rip a Front Range required ride. Killer techy ups and so much DH I am physically sore by the end (which is pretty hard to do.) Just keep in mind that due to wildfires, this trail is TOTALLY EXPOSED. So sack up if you're in the sun (lots of water), or you can have a great time if you ride this sucker in the spring and fall. If you can go top to bottom in under 15 you are officially pretty darn fast. Of course there are tons of ballers around here that can shred it waaaaaaaay faster than that. And if you can clean the climb then holy shit... you could definitely outpedal Lance Armstrong's sandbagging ass.

This ride was with Schuyler, Mitch Dood, Marki$$$, and Matt II. 8AM and still hot as PISS.

Nobody enjoys a mid shred wrench like ol MarkiXXX. That is why instead of a "quick release" rear tire he has a "opposite-of-quick release". Luckily he flatted right away and we still got a great top to bottom run!

Bobcat Ridge Elevation Profile

Bobcat Ridge Trax as seen from the lord's perspective.

Keep droppin them hot beats til the bitches come a runnin!
Zness da Pness

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