Sunday, September 16, 2012


Dadd Gulch:  The most fun you can have in the Poudre on two wheels...

Bring some pals for....

  •  Great Climbing...

  •  Rustler bustin...

  • ...and a roller-coaster descent.

Ride profile:

 Hell yeah.  Dadd Gulch is a Fort Collins gem.  All skill levels for sure.  Shred it!


40 in the Fort 2012

This weekend was the rescheduled 40 in the Fort Endurance race that was postponed due to the wildfires this last summer.  I've been riding casually, but not hitting it as hard as usual because I overloaded on classes this semester.  I ended up getting up at 5am, experiencing an acute case of explosive diarrhea, got to the starting line before sunrise, raced the course (a surprisingly challenging 8,000ft of climbing that had us climbing towers, stout, sawmill, loggers and carey spgs...), watched Big Red dominate the gridiron, and finished up with a closing shift at 34 which put me back home at 4am.  I did so much fun shit, but it was fucking exhausting.  I'll always remember it, but I certainly don't wanna do it again anytime soon.  Here are 2 photos I pulled off of the coloradoan.  They are of myself, Predator Dan, and Schuyler (who DESTROYED the course on his single speed.  I've never seen anything quite like it).

Schuy-Walker and the Black Sheep crew
Predator Dan and Eric Crouch leadin the pack

Zness da Pness

Friday, August 10, 2012

Just a quick note....

Ok.  I healed up a long time ago from my injury.  I've been biking my ass off, but it's on all the trails that I've already talked about on this blog.  So I've been getting healthy, and laying low.  But other smaller Zee's have been very busy....

Good work, Mikey Z.  Way to earn your turn, brother!  What can I say except for...
1. The Good Life
2. Home of Arbor Day
3. There is no place like....
4. We don't know the words...
5. Go Big Red. Sock 'em in the head.  Don't give em roses. Give 'em bloody noses!

I'll start posting more rides soon, but Strava has made my blog obsolete.  Unless you want bike trail maps and some opinion on how they destroyed FC mountain biking by paving over Sawmill.  Overland MTN Bike club are a team of over-reaching, bureaucratic, jerk-offs.  The irony of it is, is that they are probably all tri-corner hat republicans.  Don't get me started.  RIP Sawmill trail.

In the interest of not ending on a sour note, who knew the waitresses at Lucky Joe's were hard as fuckin nails?

Epic.  Don't get in front of em cause they'll run you the fuck down.  SICK!

Remember.   Day by Day....
-Zness da Pness

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strip Pub Crawl 2012

GO ON GIT! Git to that damn club.  Smoke some cigs in the friction room.  Uphill and against the wind.  Make sure that you're blacked-out BEFORE you get there. 

Congrats to everyone who made it!

I sure as shit didn't see any "gentlemen" in there. In fact, it was quite the opposite

G-strings can hold A LOT of cash.  Strippers don't even care that you've been sweating buckets in a chamois all day.  Burly.  Whew.  Golly.  Yikes.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ram Green

 See ya back here in a few weeks!
-Zness tha "DL" Pness

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Bike Day! (Yeti Big Top 29)

Today I took my first ride on my new rig.  The last bike I bought was in 2007, so it's been awhile.  All those years of riding, and I've come full circle back to the hardtail.  I took it for a ride today and it destroyed.  I found out that I picked up a few bad riding habits having all that rear suspension for so long.   Now that I'm back to hardtail, I gotta start picking good lines again and not just rearing back and railing through rock gardens like I do on the 575.  Boy, that Big Top is fast as shit though.
Pre Ride Hotness

Seat up fer crankin... down fer stankin!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Mom & Dad got me this sweet new biking button-up jersey.  Its pretty much awesome.
Complete with sweat stain

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Game 2012 Ride

Each year I do a ride during the NU Spring game (practice) to get pumped up for the upcoming football season.  This year Asher and I hit up some trails and had an epic time.  Asher's a masher with his new singlespeed and destroyed both the Horsetooth climb and the Towers Climb.  Good luck on your upcoming Enduro!

The years of parks passes are the only thing holding my windshield together

Riding with Asher does have its benefits

This years Spring Game (practice) is obviously a little bit different than the previous years.  There's a Zee on that roster!
"Day by day....
...Can't be beat!  WON'T BE BEAT!"  Sick.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring has sprung on Towers Road. (aka: SB66 Demo)


I have a shit-ton of stuff to say about today's ride.  But I drank a six pack with Matt II and now I'm just not motivated to blog.  Fuck it.  Here's the quick and dirty and I'll let the photos tell the story.  I took out the shop's SB66 for a test run.  My technical review of this bike is as follows:  

Yeti's new SB66 has "pep".  You know, "get up and go".  You get the picture.  End of review.

Great, great ride.  If you wanna know the route, it was a modified "Dos-and-a-Half MontaƱas".  Super fun.  Went like this:

Soderberg-Towers-Spring Creek-Carey Springs-Sawmill-Towers (to the actual towers)-No Name connector-Westridge-Wathan-Spring Creek-Stout-Towers-Carey Springs-Sawmill.

The reason I spelled it out for you is that it is a really really fun loop.  Try it.  I have to say this though; in my opinion you should never, NEVER turn onto Westridge from Towers road.  Ever.  If you want to ride Westridge to Wathan, stay on Towers Road until you get to the actual radio towers and take the no-name connector through the saddle to Westridge.  It has stunning views of the valley and it is a wonderful trail.  Have fun.  Thanks to Betz.  It was real, friend!

Today's drive to the park was with Jeffery Tambor

Blue on Black
Sexy Betzy loves brutal climbs
XL man on a L frame.  Looks weird but still shreds.  Jack that seat
Top of Towers and Betz hasn't even broke a sweat, yet
SB66  did great through the tech
Betz headin to the Towers

Beautiful day. Pick a trail.

This spot on the trail offered a view of the west face of Horsetooth Rock (far left) and a shot of Long's Peak (far right) in the same picture.  Amazing.
Horsetooth Rock
Long's Peak
And they didn't mind me at all
Todd the God's hot new GRILL.  Fresh out tha dentist office.
My GPS died before I was done, but you get the idea