Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steamboat Springs

We ripped a couple of loops in Steamboat Springs. The first few photos are from Emerald mountain. It's a great short loop that takes you to the top of Emerald up to the radio towers that you can see from pretty much everywhere. There are quite a few trails up there. They are perfect for rigid single speed. So buffed and easily climbable. Fun as shit.

Marki$$$ @ the rock quarry near the top of Emerald Mountain

MarkiXXX kickin up dust on the flowy packed single track. Most Steamboat trails I saw are like this.

Next we tried to connect a couple of loops that required us to do some real bushwacking. Details aside, we spent the day lost in the mountains linking trails that we didn't know for sure could be linked. It was exciting. We got lost a total of 3 times, hiking to high ground and fanning out looking for trail. It got a lot more exciting when we were an hour from sundown and still lost in a deep valley. Very unique ride. I don't know the names of the trails we linked. I think it was little bear-around rocky peak-down to hot springs-back to town. But I could be wrong. We were in the middle of the woods and did 2 creek crossings.

First climb of the Mega Ride. MarKISS, Chrislip, and some pretty blue flowers. Look closer.

Second creek crossing. Makes for a fun day.

Marki555 showing us that he's a man's man.

I don't know what Marquisss is doing, but I like the view.

About 3 storms rolled in while we were back in the woods. Good thing we had bourbon.

Once again. Fuck tha Heat: Stay Cool-as-a-Cucumber this summer.

Lots of Love to the people on this summers Injury List. Get well soon guys. Can't wait to shred with you again!
-Brently Brown (get that walker to FC, brother.)
-B Rawk (victim of hit and run driver. we'll find that fucker soon, brother.)
-Nick P. (i don't even know how you broke your foot, brother)
-Tone's new truck (not a person, but got bashed the fuck in)
-Will's truck (goddamn trees, brother)
-Anyone I might've omitted at this time (I can always post-edit you in later, brother)

STAY SAFE, HOMIES! (the rest of the world is out to run us the FUCK over.)

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  1. Halls is one hell of a fun trail, cant wait to get out there with you and a good group of guys.

    This is the man meghan btw