Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Salida 2012

I spent last week (CSU Spring Break), camping by the Arkansas river and biking the local trails in Salida.  I tried riding in Golden, but there was still 2 feet of snow at White Ranch, so I busted up to Salida and found great riding.  All of the Arkansas trail system was completely ride able and some of Little Rainbow.  I happened across a driftwood filled campsite right on the river and was able to start a fire with little effort.  The weather was warm enough that I was able to swim in the river and get a sunburn.  I coincidentally ran into old friends in the bike shop, the bar, and even on trail.  Truly a home away from home.  Thanks to Scotty for cookin all the delicious food, and thanks to Jason and Wade at SubCulture Bike Shop for the t-shirt and simply just givin me a place to hang.  As usual, amazing town, amazing people, amazing trip.  Git up there and rip!
Local trails.  Good for a couple days of ridin.  Love the jumps at the bottom.

View of Denver from White Ranch in Golden

Salida from Front Side

View of Salida from the top

Annie and Pals always rip

Sweet-ass campsite

Scotty gettin ready to broil up a delicious fish  dinner.  Epic.
Pack up your game, and head out west.

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  1. Looks awesome. Wish I could have joined.