Sunday, March 4, 2012

Powerline Road - Ginny Loop

Wow.  60 degrees and sunny today.  Time to put the fixie in the quiver and pull out the 575.  It was such a nice peaceful day.  Wonderful stuff.

Well I thought I'd take the opportunity to finish blogging this ride since it was so nice.  By finally blogging this loop, I feel like I've completed some task that needed to be done.  Really, no task actually existed, but now that this one is in the books, I don't think I'll ever carry a camera or gps up to Bobcat Ridge again for a long, long time.  Sick.

As I said before, the best way to ride Ginny Trail is as an out and back.  It's faster, funner, and easier.  If you decide to loop this ride by going up Powerline Road, through Mahoney Basin, and down Ginny, it's a bit longer and the climb is more difficult.  That being said, the traverse across from the top of Powerline to the top of Ginny through the Mahoney Basin is a really scenic, fun, and relaxing rip.  Pretty much all the hard stuff is done at the top of the Powerline and everything back to the parking lot is a fuckin blast.  If anyone can clean this Powerline climb, I'll buy em a bottle of top-shelf bourbon.  It's insane.  
Todays Ride: Aziz Ansari and Kathleen Madigan.
Photos of the gnarly climb...

1st climb I can't clean

2nd climb I can't clean

Third climb I can't clean.  That was a tough 1000 feet.  Go try it!
Mahoney Basin...

Once you get to this signpost its all gravy from here on out..

The trail meanders through a bunch of cool boulder fields

The west face of Horsetooth rock in the distance

Still snowy on the North facing climb out of the basin

Last night I was bored and grabbed my copy of the Watchmen off my bookshelf and got sucked into that world again for the following 5 hours.  It is one of the best books I've ever read.  I decided to stop at the rock outcropping above and bust it out and sit at the top of this mountain with a beautiful view and read one of my favorite books of all time.  I even caught a tan.  So cathartic.  So necessary.
The Death of a Comedian (or is it just ketchup?)

Maps n stuff...

Elevation profile

So there we have it.  The last two posts pretty much cover this kick-ass place to mountain bike.  You'll love it up there.  Keep killin it!  Thanks for tunin' in.


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