Monday, December 6, 2010

Greg's B-Day Ride

Happy Birthday DJ G-Child!

Asher works for New Belgium now so we drink in STYLE. So delicious after a climb.

Asher sure loves his rigid SS!

I set a new record on the DH today. Great conditions. I'd like to thank Global Warming.

BTW: Broke my camera again. I cannot suggest buying Canons Digital Elph. I've burned through 2 in 6 months and they are complete pieces of shit. I never dropped or jarred this one in any significant way. The last one I had was dropped once from waist high. They used to be good. They are not anymore. Fuck them and the hundreds of wasted dollars I spent on them.

SIDENOTE: Having no camera might negatively affect this blog. Hopefully I can craigslist up a solution.

SIDENOTE 2: Owning a digital camera has NOTHING to do with having the time of your life blasting bikes with your friends. Who really gives a fuck about our bullshit digital existence anyways? Tasty beer and reliable bikes are all that matters.

Keep it ANALOG you BOSS-Fucking-Hogs!
Zness tha Pness.

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