Monday, December 6, 2010

Nettles Shred

About a month ago I got to rip another Rist-Buckhorn Canyon Loop with Shred Nettles. I've been meaning to post up some photos from this ride and am finally getting around to it. There were a couple of interesting things about this ride. We did it on Nov 12, and had no idea of the extreme temperature swings we were going to experience. You can tell from the photos that we experienced hot and cold weather, but holy shit... We went from dripping wet with sweat, to balling up our fists and holding them in our shirts cause they were so fucking cold. But whatever, I'm used to fucking ballin. I also found an old Dead Dear Bike Gang sticker that morning that we strategically placed at the very tip-top of the climb, although it's pink and kind of hard to see, it's still there to this day. Finally, I figured it best to buy a 5th of bourbon before such a long trek, but I was actually surprised that I finished it well before I got home. I honestly didn't think I would actually finish a whole bottle of booze on a loop like this. Oh well, it kept me feelin toasty!

2 näive dudes that didn't know what lied ahead.

fuck yes we are, license plate.


Heading outta LaPorte

George got Sepia as fuck on this ride.

The canyon was a mix of ice/snow/sun.

Emerging from the canyon and getting sun was so nice.

Done with the last climb. Single Speed grindin!

DDBG strikes again.



*gulp (notice the clothes change for the DH)

I guess it's a party over there.

Maximum Aero. Fully.



It's kind of hard to see, but there is a para-glider cruisin around up there.

You can barely see Horsetooth Rock back on the left horizon.

Young gentlemen ordering another shot of whiskey.

"Hey let's ride Pineridge!"

A bit muddy.

So goddamn thick with mud that both of our bike tires seized to the fenders. My shit is still covered in mud to this day. Maybe Pineridge wasn't such a good plan after all.

Next time, I gotta do this loop backward. But I'll wait til a warmer day.

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...."
-John Denver

Cold Beers and Warm Whiskey Cheers!

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