Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Bike Day. LHT. Maiden Voyage.

Big ideas usually end up nestling up in my brain and cause me to fixate on them. Then it usually results in spending big money. The big idea? Tour biking. It's definitely for me. As soon as the weather turns, I'm gone! So I dropped the coin, and with Matt II, and The Juice looking over my shoulder I managed to even build this bike up as well. This was my first bike build, and I learned a ton. I could definitely do it again.

This is my first new bike in about 3 years, so I'm pretty amped. Fully racked and ready to climb over a few mountain ranges.

I took it out for a quick rip around the front range just to see how she handles. I loaded it down as much as possible before the ride and as heavy as it is (35lbs, unloaded), I climbed like a motherfucker on it. It was a breeze after having climbed a lot on my fixie. It's amazing that a couple gears can make that weight seemingly disappear. Here's a few pics from the loop. Oh yea. If you decide to cruise this loop or anywhere around it I recommend the little highway offshoot of N Co Rd 29 instead of N Co Rd 27. Way more scenic.

(start of N Co Rd 29)

Water runout canal from the reservoir. It would be cool to see running full.

Side view of Horsetooth Rock.

View of the climb ahead.

Ripped this loop clockwise.


Big Red's back in San Diego for a less than thrilling rematch against Washington. GBR.

Still no snow here in the FC. Surprising, but it's coming, so get out there!

Rock on,

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