Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Timber to Howard Loop

Eddie Herbs and I shredded the Timber to Howard loop today for the first time. As always, that Timber climb is gnarly. I don't really see a day when I'll ever clean it. If you can, holy shit... good for you. Then we ripped down Howard and at one point during the descent, it was heard to be described as "burly". There are lots of sniper rocks to plug your front tire into and a nice long fall down the side of the cliff if you wreck (especially if you don't get clipped out). But there is one helluva view once you come around Aurther's Rock to drop into it. The photo doesn't do it justice, but when you come around it looks almost straight down onto the reservior. I think it's probably one of the best view from any of the front range trails.

This tree blew over across the trail at the top of Timber from the winds this week.

View from where Howard and Timber meet.

View from the drop in to the Howard single-track. Straight down.

Elevation profile from the Lory parking lot and back. The highlighted section is the Howard descent.

Loop Tracks

Well, I'm headed to Fruita to rip and watch fellow Jewel-Groupie Shred Nettles race in some enduro thang. He's pretty much cooler than you anyways.
Zness Da Pness

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  1. Gnarly ride. glad to see you guys got out with some clips this time.