Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ol' Shot Run

A few Sundays back I was feelin a bit distraught by the inclement weather we were experiencing and how it was keeping me off the mountain bike. So as I awoke at the crack of noon, I figured it was time to mount up the fixie again. As I was driving back to my house I was trying to think of an original loop that hadn't already been done. About half way home it dawned on me; weather be damned, I would put on my long underwear and invent a fixie loop called "Shot Run". Literally as I was driving, I passed Drunk Cody and his pal Badass Brandon. I pulled over immediately and asked them if they had it in em to do a single speed loop called "Shot Run". With no follow up questions at all they got on there bikes and ripped with me on one of the funnest bike loops (mountain or otherwise) that I've ever done!
PBRs at my house started things off...

(BTW. i saved all the receipts and each whiskey is rated out of 10 by level of kick-ass)

3 Well Whiskeys @ Road34 = $9 (benchmark 7/10)

3 Well Whiskeys @ JJs Tavern = $10.50 (Kentucky Bow 3/10)

Cig on the move before the 1st climb to "open up the lungs"

3 hot rigs

3 Well Whiskeys @ Canyon Grill - $9 (Jim Beam 7/10) (also 3 Busch Heavys)

A quick stop to mellow the fuck out. (Cody made that shirt the day before)

Supermannin down the north dam into a headwind. Sick!

3 Well Whiskeys at Swing Station=$9 (Early Times 6/10)

3 Well Whiskeys @ The Long Branch=$9 (Old Crow 8/10)

3 Whiskeys on my front porch = $0 (Bulleit 9/10)

Last beer of the loop gets annihilated by my thumb! (wild... I can never thumb beers. super pumped)

Shot Run elevation profile. Some of those climbs feel as fuckin straight up as they look.

Shot Run from SPACE!

Total Cost of Shot Run = $46.50(not including tip and beers) for 3 dudes. Not Bad.
Total Fun of Shot Run = $1 Gazillion.

If you think you wanna give it a "Shot" gimme a call. I'm ready to try it again. Hell, maybe backwards next time!

Stay dangerous chums.
Crankin N Stankin,
Zness da Pness


  1. Too much fun man. Way too much fun! I'll do that ride anytime.