Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fruita Part 2

During George's race Schuyler, Meister, and myself took off to the kokopelli trails to go ride one of the funnest loops in Fruita called the "Horse Theif Bench Loop" (for the most fun, do this loop clockwise). It's full of shelves, drops, fun descents and climbs. It's one of my favorites but by no means have I seen everything yet. It starts off with a section of trail that is nasty even to walk with clipless shoes on. It's a burly-off camber-dusty-high commitment-long-ass-fall-off-the-side-of-a-cliff kind of section of trail. We were lucky enough to come upon it while a guy was attempting it on his Yeti 575. After 3 heart stopping attempts he finally got it. He took more of a trials riding approach to it, but hey, whatever works. He nearly got bucked off the edge a couple times and that shit is scary to watch. Also, you wouldn't want to go OTB on those ledges because you would definitely be fucked.

Schuyler and I on our final "Underwear Run" at the 18 hour of Fruita race.

The man on the Yeti on his first attempt at the Horse Theif Bench. Completely ridiculous.

One of countless drops on the Horse Thief Loop that makes it so much damn fun.

Schuyler trying to piss into the Colorado River from high above. A portion of Horse Thief Loop can be seen in the upper right.

Meister and Schuyler kickin back.

After that day was over, we went back to the New Belgium party and burned it down again. It was a damn good time... Next, we were on our way to the bookcliffs on 18 road for the next couple of days.

That'll be next. Later. Zness

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