Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rist-Buckhorn 2012

Just went out and hammered this ride again on my NEW singlespeed.  Sorry, no new photos, but I got a giftcard from Grammy for xmas to put towards a new digital camera and should be able to post some riding photos soon.  Until then, text only suckas.  Not much has changed about this ride since the last time I did it, except that I was all by my lonesome. 

By the way, here is a hot pic of the new and improved fixie, but all you ballers out there can do me a favor and keep your eyes out for my old one that some jerk-off stole.  It's really easy to know it's mine because it's a mixture of hot-pink, camouflage, and primer.  It also has my goddamn name right there on the downtube! 

New Hotness

Old Sweet-Ass "Zness" fixie that got jacked.

I guess I wasn't really alone on this loop because I have my new George Carlin audiobook that constantly re-assures me that I'm not the one with the fucking problem...  it's everybody else that's so goddamn stupid!

Keep hittin it all winter,

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