Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmas XTREME! 2011

For the second Xmas eve in a row Schuyler and I went on an epic fixie ride. This time, Marki$$$ and Andrew from 34 came along for the ride which ended up being about 40 miles from start to finish. Starting in FC, we rolled over to Harmony and ripped the dams to the bars in LaPorte, and once we were good and shit faced, we rode the dams again to the Canyon Grill @ Horsetooth Reservoir, and after getting doubly shitfaced, we rode half the dams again down by the stadium and to a nice little xmas eve soirée.

Gettin started

Sledders @ Hughes Stadium

MarkiXXX enjoying the cruise and the view


View of Hughes Stadium from above

Another quick climb

Schuyler fixied the snowy singletrack at the top of Shoreline Trail. Sick.

Lettin them pedals buck ripping down the North dam

Great day for a ride

Last hill before we get to the bar

Spreadin that holiday cheer

Monster truck DVD at the Long Branch

I easily spent $40 on jukes that day. Shit was real.

After gettin loaded, we grabbed a sixer and backtracked the way we came. Why? Cause Canyon Grill is open on xmas eve!

The Canyon Grill's only customers. That's ok though, we're real loose with the billz.

Route tracks. It got cold once it was dark....

Final thought: I was a little down that I couldn't make it home for the holidays, but I swear that this ride was so fun and so perfect that while we were doing it I admitted to myself that there was no place I'd rather be. That is, riding with this group of guys on such a fun route drinkin beer and plugging jukes. One of the best xmas eves I've ever had. Thanks guys!

Keep turnin in 2012!

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