Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heil Ranch to Hall Ranch Loop

Awhile back my buddy Marki$$$ and I went out the shred in Lyons. One of our favorite trails is Hall's Ranch. I really recommend riding this trail, it is a blasty. Very challenging to clean the lower section both climbing and descending. Here's a LINK to my first post about this loop. I suggest doing the upper loop clockwise. That is the direction that I have the most fun in.

Anyways, the only drawback to Hall's Ranch is that it is kind of short. MarkiXXX and I decided that in order to add some mileage to this loop that we would add on the Heil Ranch loop as well. I wouldn't really recommend Heil Ranch by itself. It is very rocky and full of scree which is kind of fun, but so cumbersome it prevents really ripping. There is also not a lot of vertical feet to cover. It's decent, but I think the best way to ride this place is to do what we did and add it to the awesomeness of Hall Ranch. Also right at the north end of Heil there is a dirt jump park which makes this loop extra fun. Sick.

Lyons Dirt Jump Park

Heil to Hall Ranch Trax

Heil to Hall Ranch Profile

What makes this loop the ABSOLUTE BEST is stopping at Oskar Blues afterward. They have really really good beer and a fucking AWESOME menu. Very mountain bike friendly menu (large portions). If you want my suggestion I would order an ice cold Dales Pale Ale, A Silo Burger, a shot of Jim Beam, and a large water. It's goddamn heaven on earth.

Stay rowdy sumbitches

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