Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tres Montañas 2011

Just got done with my 4 week long bike tour. I'll post a blog about that big ride up here sooner or later. It'll be a big one. In the meantime I took my new and improved legs out for a try at this year's Tres Montañas Bounty. My legs are still so strong from my bike tour I felt like I was cheating. It was hot as piss out there, so afterwards I went skinny dipping in the reservoir, watched Thor win another tour stage, drank a six pack, and went to the Rockies/Braves game with Dane and Hess-Diese. What a alcoholic shit show! Anyway, here's the map and profile. Sorry no pics, but here's one of my touring rig in case you were curious.

Surly Long Haul Trucker outside of Fairplay, Colorado.

Here's the stuff for the new and much more difficult Tres Montañas 2011 Bounty. Not for the squeamish. Especially in 90 degree heat. I sharted the ol chamois somewhere between Montaña Uno & Montaña Dos. Pretty brutal. Jumping in Horsetooth afterward was highly satisfying.

Tres Montañas 2011 Trax

Tres Montañas 2011 Profile

I've got a ton more rides to blog. I'll try to stay on it for you. Thanks for checking back in after such a long time away.


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