Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Skool 6: Back to Danimal

Sorry for the lack of posts! I'm still riding quite a bit and logging them for the blog. I'll get around to posting those rides soon. I need to get done with classes and have some whiskey time in front of the computer. I've had a lot of cold rides recently that are a ton of fun. In the meantime, I've got plenty of old skool photos that are really easy to post up.

Anyways, I just ran into Danimal while I was grabbing a burrito after snowboarding at Keystone. We had a shot of well whiskey and a beer, then I had to be on my way. No one shreds like ol' Danimal so I decided to make him the subject of another installment of "Old Skool".

Here is is spotting his DH line through the state of Montana on a road trip from 2003.

And for your enjoyment here is some more Old Skool Fun!

I spy with my little eye:
1) Zness' GT Agressor 1.0 referenced in Old Skool 4
2) A bottle of Kroger brand dish soap.
3) Tailgate ready "Knockout/Lightning" B-Ball Hoop
4) Eddie Herbs
5) The Bile Traveler
6) Willy's railslide
7) Will's old snowmobile (partially obscured)
8) Fully rallied Danimal ready to lay down some rubber in the goddamn driveway!

Burnin rubber y'all.


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