Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Fixin Season - Fort Collins/Boulder Rip

Last Friday, I planned on carpoolin back to Lincoln from Boulder for the NU-Mizzou final BigXII beat down. I realized a few weeks ago that since I've been riding bikes, any time I do 30-50 miles on Game weekend, NU has NEVER lost. This motivated me to get up at 8 am after a night of work and bike to Boulder for a 12 noon departure time. It was a beautiful day and the ride was near perfect. When I got to Pearl Street, they were actually evacuating all the business and offices west of 11th because of a wildfire. The power was out and there were fire trucks and excited people everywhere. I've never seen anything quite like it. Here's some shots from along the way.

Gettin started

Longs Peak w/ a fellow commuter

There are a ton of Ranches betwixt here and there

The 'staple' of any good road ride. ha.

Moonset over Longs. It looked way more majestic in real life. Shitty camera, I guess

Tons of people ask me what is the best way to get to Boulder from the FC. I've done it 3 times now and can say with confidence that my favorite route is to:
1. Head out on Taft Hill Rd.
2. Taft turns into Wilson
3. West on W.1st St
4. South on 21 S
5. West on 42nd St SW
6. South on No Co Rd 23
7. Follow slight bend West on W. Co Rd 6 back to South on No Co Rd 23E
8. No Co Rd 23E turns into N 83rd St.
9. West on Woodland Road (by the Ham Radio Tower Guy!)
10. South on N. 75th St. (cross over hwy 66 and go through hygiene)
11. Slight bend west on Plateau Rd to end up traveling south on N. 73rd St.
12. Slight bend west to travel south on N 71st St.
13. From here you can go to Diagonal and cruise into Boulder (traffic, but faster) or head west from the Niwot Rd turn on N 73rd and then head south on N 55th/51st streets (little longer, less traffic).

I know it sounds like a lot of directions, but it's a really simple route of country roads where you just travel a little west and a little south at at time.

This profile is actually from Boulder back to FC, so reverse it if you're going from FC-Boulder.

Here we are at our final destination. GBR!

Finally, we turned right back around and headed back to Broomfield, CO for the HalloWEEN concert. We chewed up a lot of miles this weekend. Rippin time, though!

Gene n Deaner doin they thang... Fuckin SICK!

¡Buenos Tardes Amigos!

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