Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teton Pass Pt. 2

Yep. Yessir. It's been a long goddamn time since I've blogged. I've been biking. A lot. It's great, and the shredding is only getting better as we're getting into fall. I feel kind of bad for not posting, but it's just fine considering I've been riding instead and no one reads this damn thing anyways. If you actually read this blog, I'm backed up about 7 or 8 posts that you will definitely dig when they're done. In the meantime, we took the Road34 company trip back up to Teton Pass Wyoming. I've already written about the sick DH that is up there (Lithium, Fuzzy Bunny, Jump Trail, etc...)

But this trip, the only 2 things I did was abuse the SHIT outta alcohol and ride XC.

In order to keep this blog somewhat informative, the XC ride recommendations that I've done are as follows.

1: Definitely hitchhike or pedal up to the "Arrow Trail-Phillips Canyon-Stagecoach Bar Loop" in Wilson, Wyo. You get tons of free vertical from the hitch hike and this is one of the rippingest XC rides I've ever been on (photos below). Unbelievably scenic and unbelievably down hill the whole way (if you hitch to the trailhead)

2: We did the "From Town-Putt Putt-Game Creek Loop" and had a fun. It's a ripper, but I DO NOT recommend it. The singletrack to dirt road ratio is just not good enough. Although the scenery is fucking INCREDIBLE (see below). Instead I recommend the "Snow King-Hagen Highway-Hagen Trail-Putt Putt Loop" for a fun and easy rip. OR the "Snow King-Ferrins-Westfork/GameCreek-Back to Putt Putt Loop" for a complete Dick In The Dirt XC Ride for Badasses Only Rip.

For a Topo Look, check THIS LINK.

All the rest of it was a fucking insane party that had a little to do with biking and a lot to do with fucking shit up. I can't tell you what happened (what happens in Jackson stays in Jackson!). Let's let the photos tell the story. Where do we begin? Hmmm.... Well let's just say we had a...



...ripping (Arrow)

...XCing (Arrow/Phillips Canyon)

....stream blasting (Phillips Canyon)

...fixed gear rippin (sink or swim trail)

...post ride swimming (about 40 degrees)

...bar stool rodeoin

...2 steppin

...XC crankin

...moose huntin

...fish spottin

...Marlboro Red smokin

...drag racin, cowpokin, colorado kool-aid sippin

...backward chair sittin

...sluttin it all up

...mad huckin

...pal'n round

...longneck drinkin, shot poppin

...skizz skang sluttin


Grow a mustache and get in a fight you fucking dipshits.
Zness da Pness

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