Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Sky to Indian Summer Loop

A lot of people who are visiting town or thinking of getting into mountain biking always ask me, "What's a good beginner trail?" Well the answer is Blue Sky Trail. This last summer, the trailhead was rebuilt with it's own parking lot (across the street from Canyon Bar/Grill", which is nice) and was also completely graded and almost all of the rocks removed. It has even been mowed. This is the ultimate beginner trail. It kind of pisses me off that they did that to this trail, but I also realize that this town needs a nice buffed-out beginner trail so that tourists and people who are just getting started have somewhere fun to pedal. And even though I bitch about it, I still always have fun out there, although next time I'll probably make it more interesting by just riding it on my fixed gear.

Like I said the trail starts/finishes at it's brand new parking lot across from The Canyon Grill. By adding the Indian Summer Loop to this ride, it adds a little more distance and singletrack (although Indian Summer is rocky and not nearly as buffed). At the junction of the Coyote Ridge trail, there is a detailed trail map with directions and mileages which is handy. The Indian Summer loop is best done clockwise, by heading south on the road and climbing the switchbacks rather than descending switchbacks (if done counterclockwise). After the loop, climb back out of the valley (pretty steep for beginners, you might have to walk) and head back on Blue Sky the way you came. For intermediate riders this is a pretty short loop.

Here is a photo of the Blue Sky/Coyote Ridge junction. You can see from this photo that this trail has been graded, buffed, and mowed. Also, the trail map is visible on the right.

Climbing Blue Sky

Here's my buddy Darrin at the top of the last climb. He was breathin pretty hard, but cleaned it no problem.

Anyone who rides the Front Range a lot knows what it's like to be rippin down a trail and have one of these assholes sprawled out across the whole damn trail. You can either lock up the brakes or try the last second bunny hop maneuver.

Snakey didn't wanna move. What an asshole.

Blue Sky Elevation Profile. The highlighted portion is from the highest point on Indian Summer back to the parking lot.

Blue Sky Trax

Well there ya go beginners. Now you can stop asking me. Watch out for Snakey, he's not scared of bikes.


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