Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Run

So I go through phases all the time about which trails are my current favorites. Most of the reasons why a trail is my favorite are pretty much inexplicable to me, but I am assuming that my subconscious must be having more genuine fun on a particular loop over another and I find myself on those trails over and over again. For example. Young's Gulch is about as much fun as bumping your head on a kitchen cabinet and stubbing your baby toe at the same time. So fuck that place, you won't see me there. Ever. Conversely, this loop (southridge-wathan-harrington-careysprings-sawmill) is the epic "fun run" of 2010.

I might change my tune next year, but this year I have done it over and over again. Starting and finishing at the Soderberg lot at Horsetooth Res, it's a straightforward climb, followed by an all singletrack descent. And the singletrack is arguably the best in FC. Now that I have almost every rock garden memorized, I just rip the fuck outta these trails chillin out the whole way down. Beautiful.

Bottom Line? Rip this one until it's under snow. It's the best loop around. Fuck, man. Come ride with me I'm always down.

  • About 1h to 1h 30m ride time
  • All fire road ascent with an all rippin singletrack descent (just check the profile)
  • Drive-thru liquor store right at the bottom. I mean RIGHT THERE! (cold cold brews are waiting)
  • Bar and Grill at the bottom if you want a shot of Beam and a steak burger.

Me, Marki$$$, and Burt at the top of Wathan earlier this year.

Fun Run Trax

Fun Run Proflie. Such a ripper.

Well, now you just don't have any excuses when you can't think of anything "Fun" to do. Let's rip this one! I'll be the post ride D.D.

Zness da Pness

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