Saturday, August 27, 2011

Triple Towers 1

Ugh. If you haven't ridden Towers Road at Horsetooth Mountain Park yet, it is one of the longest single fire road climbs in the Fort Collins area. It's a great way to gain vertical feet quickly, and once at the top, there are tons of options of single track descents that peel off from the road. I find myself pedaling up this one a couple of times a week and combining different singletrack options. I've done it too many times to count, and still haven't done all the rides yet. This is a great Fort Collins biking asset, but it's rough. I did this one last Tuesday and the thermometer hit 100. A goddamn blast furnace. Thanks to Matt 283 for riding with me. If you're not climbing Towers, you're missing the best trails in Fort Collins! (So try it a few times!)

Highlight of this ride? Halfway through I got to see about a half-inch of my shin bone. Neat! Left some meat out on the trail. By the time I snapped the photo, the hole had filled with goo. Sorry for the gore-fest, but I like showing off my scars. Makes me feel like crashing was worth it. Although it never is. Ouch.

Keep the rubber on the ground!

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