Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Speed Open 2011

This last weekend was the One Speed Open again here in Fort Collins. It's so much fun and really casual. It's also the only race I do every year. This year was my fourth year doing this race, and I am just coming off my tour of Colorado, so my legs are the strongest they've ever been. The race this year was 35 miles of dirt county roads and farm field double track. Always a grind! I recently had my fixed gear bike stolen though, but was able to build up my new one a couple of days before this race. The only thing I couldn't get was a fixed gear hub so I was forced to ride freewheel. This turned out to be one stroke of good luck as it allowed me to be first place freewheel instead of 2nd place fixed (although I'd be happy with either title!). I'd never won any race before and it was pretty cool. Better lucky than good, I guess. Thanks to Raf for pointing out the way, and thanks to Steve for keeping me in the game. Congrats on the nice finish Ass-Mallet!

(photos by Mark Bowers)

So the way the big board works is the fixed gear finishers have a red dot beside their name while the freewheelers have an orange dot. The other thing to note is that Raf doesn't count his time because he is the one who designs the course and knows it beforehand. All these wonderful facts made this my first biking victory that I've ever had (1st freewheeler, 2nd overall). Neat-O. Really fun race again. See you next year!
Zness da Pness

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