Friday, February 12, 2010

First Post - It's Fixin Season

First off. Welcome to my new blog. The idea of this blog is just to throw up rants and opinions from people who ride in Fort Collins everyday. If it's just me posting, this blog definitely isn't worth checking everyday, but hopefully others might join up and let everyone know what's going on on the mean streets of ol' Fort Collins.

Anyways: We've been under some snow for the last 3 months, and that means no dirt for awhile. So I've been blasting the single speed around the reservoir just to get some climbing in. Also, ripping downhill on the fix is pretty damn fun (and intense). Here's a couple of elevation profiles I made of some common rides around the Fort.

This first one is up and over Bingham, through LaPorte, and back again.

click to enlarge

This one starts by climbing the hill behind the football stadium, north around the reservoir, up Bingham and back again. (this one sure makes bingham look tiny...)

click to enlarge
Keep rockin and rollin! Join up and let me know what the fuck is going on in your world.

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